April 2014

Dr. James Frank

1st and Only Black President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

November 20114

Dusty Young

​Live Cooking Demostrator

​"Simple Cooking with Heart"

Taking Health to Heart

June 2014

 Judge Melodee Armstrong


Judge Ingrid Michelle Warren

Estate Planning & Basic Wealth

2014 EMPOWER Series

July 2014

 Kevin Colts

New York Life Agent

​​Money Management for the Entire Family

Ideas in Action
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May 2014

Scottie Smith II

Scottie Smith II & Associates Real Estate Advisors

Niral R. Gandhi
Property Tax Attorney

August 2014

Jeff Clanagan Founder & CEO of CodeBlack


Nischelle Turner

​CNN Entertainment Reporter

July 2014

 Chuck Burch

​​Goal Setting: Budgeting, Savings, and Investing

March 2014

Shaka Senghor

Leveraging Your Personal Brand