May 2014

Scottie Smith II

Scottie Smith II & Associates Real Estate Advisors

Niral R. Gandhi
Property Tax Attorney

August 2014

Jeff Clanagan Founder & CEO of CodeBlack


Nischelle Turner

​CNN Entertainment Reporter

April 2014

Dr. James Frank

1st and Only Black President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

March 2014

Shaka Senghor

Leveraging Your Personal Brand


June 2014

 Judge Melodee Armstrong


Judge Ingrid Michelle Warren

Estate Planning & Basic Wealth

2014 EMPOWER Series

July 2014

 Kevin Colts

New York Life Agent

​​Money Management for the Entire Family

At EMPOWER Series, Inc. we enrich the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live. We can accomplish this with your help. Please join us in our mission and donate now.

November 20114

Dusty Young

​Live Cooking Demostrator

​"Simple Cooking with Heart"

Taking Health to Heart

July 2014

 Chuck Burch

​​Goal Setting: Budgeting, Savings, and Investing

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