​October 2015

Marina Perez

Planning for the Holidays


When Income Decreases, but the Bills Don't

May 2015

George Fraser

The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Networking

November 2015

Suzan Hart

I am the Creator: Living Your Life By Design

​May 2015

Linda Gabriel

Introduction to the FDIC Money Smart: A Financial Education Program

September 2015

 Understanding Life Insurance 


​June 2015

Linda Gabriel

FDIC Money Smart: Your Own Home

(A Financial Education Program)

2015 EMPOWER Series

July 2015

Marina Perez

Avoiding Scams


Identity Theft

​​January 2015

Chuck Burch, Jr., CPA, CFP, PFS

Financial Planner

Your Prosperity Picture

​February  2015

Dr. Lawana Gladney

How to use Your Mind to Make Your Life Successful

March 2015

Marina Perez

Understanding Money, Credit and Your Credit Reports

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November 2015

Dr. Anne Marie Kappel


April 2015

George Fraser

Rise or Die: Developing a New Consciousness

August 2015

Chuck Burch

Getting Your Money in Order

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