EMPOWER Series, Inc. will delivery customized financial educational programs for adults, young people, older adults, as well as, small business owners. Topics include but are not limited to the below:
• Banking Services for individuals and Small Businesses
• Managing Cash Flow
• Savings – Paying Yourself First
• Credit Reporting & Management
• Insurance
• Home Ownership
• Tax Planning
• Identity Theft
• Scams
• Elder Financial Exploitation
Our Calling
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We focus on giving more value than is expected. Our intent is to enrich and improve the lives of others through all of our programs and events.
Our Mission

Major Event Programming

EMPOWER Series, Inc. will work with you if you are planning a major event and would like to have a wow experience for your audience within an hour, half or full day, or multiple day program or conference.

At EMPOWER Series, Inc. we enrich the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live. We can accomplish this with your help. Please join us in our mission and donate now. 

EMPOWER Series, Inc. will implement a series of monthly or periodic workshops in your community that will empower individuals to act on their ideas, utilizing their internal and community resources to realize their dreams. We will partner with local organizations to collectively engage on making a difference in your community because anything is possible if only enough people care!
Our team works tirelessly collaborating with partners to develop programs that facilitate insights and inspire people to make meaningful changes in their Life. These insights become thoughts; thoughts become words; words become actions; actions become habits; habits become character; and character leads to a brighter future and destiny.

Customized Financial Education Programs

Our Programs

Speaking Engagements

If you would like a member of the EMPOWER Series Team to speak at your event regarding financial literacy; individual or community engagement; or empowerment, we are there! We will collaborate with you to customize our keynote to address your desired audience experience.

The Power to Effect Change


We positively impact the world by inspiring people to thrive in every area of their life.
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